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Tree trimming is very important, especially once a tree matures. If it's not done correctly, permanent damage can be done, not only to the appearance of the tree but to the tree itself. For the most reliable tree trimming service in the Utica-Rome area, call us. 

Why is it Important to Trim and Prune Trees?

Prevents Decay - When broken and dead branches are removed regularly, decay is prevented

Lawn Health - When trees are trimmed properly, it allows light to penetrate through the surrounding trees and onto the lawn

Size - Reduces the overall size and tree overgrowth

Aesthetics - It is not only more appealing, and allows younger trees to grow correctly and obtain healthy structures, it also keeps shrubs looking their best.

When Tree Pruning is Needed

Pruning in the fall is not a good idea, as decayed fungi spores are more easily spread at that time, and can restrict growth in trees.

The best time to prune is either during the winter or at the very beginning of spring. Waiting until its well into spring is not recommended, and its best to wait until the coldest part of winter is over before pruning. The start of spring is the best time.

Impacts of Improper Tree Trimming and Pruning

There are many negative impacts on improper trimming, including:


  • Lateral growth

  • Low to no blossoms

  • Dead branches

  • Splitting

Contact Your EZ Tree Care Guys

Well maintained and cared for trees offer a great visual appeal to your home, and can add value as well. Give EZ Tree Care a call today at 315-334-3830 and we'll happily discuss our tree trimming services with you.

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