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If you have decided to trim your trees or rid your yard of a tree, you will probably find yourself with a yard full of branches and debris. This is a big fire hazard, and can greatly diminish the quality of your yard as well.

You can try to remove the debris yourself with brush chipping, as it's safer than burning. However, our professionals at EZ Tree Care can get the job done safely, quickly, and the right way.

EZ Tree Care will come to your property and use our wood chipper to take branches up to 8 inches in diameter and produce small 1-inch wood chips. We can then either remove the chips from your property or leave them for mulching.

Mulching has many benefits for your trees because it can:


  • Help retain soil moisture

  • Get rid of weeds and grass that are competing with the trees for nutrients

  • Improve soil fertility and structure

  • Provide circulation of air and temperature​

Branch and Wood Chipping Tips

If you do not want to hire a tree company to take care of your wood chipping needs, then we have a list of tips to help you:

  • Face all cut ends the same way

  • Use small piles not over 4 ft high

  • The longer the branch is, the better

  • Keep the diameter below 8 inches

  • Face the cut end of the branch towards the wood chipper

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